Conference Management

Professional conference management for the Blue Mountains, Regional NSW & Western Sydney

Blue Mountains Events & Conferences Principal Agnes Zalan is a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) who has experience managing conferences and events in Sydney and Regional NSW for over two decades.

Blue Mountains Events & Conferences specialises in conferences for non-profits and associations, and can deliver an event that exceeds all expectations without blowing the budget.

At Blue Mountains Events & Conferences we care about creating the best conference experience for you and your guests, from idea to delivery. We manage all the details of your conference from end-to-end.

Depending on what services you require, wecan offer a broad range of options to help you produce the best event possible.

We offer packages to make sure you get all the services you need! If your event involves paid delegates, our conference organisation cost can be included in the larger conference budget. Visit the FAQ page for more info.

Our Conference Management Services

Strategic Planning

No matter what stage you’re at we can help you identify and plan for success through strategic planning, whether you’re at the very beginning with only a great idea to show or you require some direction finessing your conference purpose. We can work with you to identify and monitor your objectives, create your budget, formulate a critical path and timeline, survey your potential delegates and more! Following your conference completion, we can bring all this information together with reporting and recommendations to help you reflect and plan.

Budgetary Management

As part of our holistic service, we work in collaboration with you to develop a realistic budget and work within that budget to create your event. To keep you in the loop throughout the process, we continually monitor your income and expenditure. We can also provide you with helpful real-time budget reports.

Registration Services

To ensure your guests have a seamless registration experience, we apply our  expertise to all aspects of registration. This includes establishing secure online and offline options, friendly support for any difficulties and on the day registration and check-in help. We are your customer service representative, operations manager and event problem solver all in one!

Accommodation Services

Your delegate experience can be severely diminished by the wrong venue or accommodation. Adept at negotiating contracts and well connected in the Blue Mountains area, we can expertly oversee accommodation needs for both your staff and delegates. With Blue Mountains Events & Conferences you know you’re getting the best possible deal and experience.

Sponsorship & Exhibition Services

We understand the need to hit specific sales target or deliver on a particular experience. In collaboration with you, we can coordinate exhibition design and sponsorship strategy in line with your objectives. We liaise with any vendors, simplifying your experience to one simple point of contact.

Program Development

Looking for an enticing and functional conference program? We take care of coordination, scheduling and technology, all ensuring optimal flow and interaction with a smooth delivery for ultimate event engagement.

Speaker Management

Experts in organising and managing event speakers, we can be a guiding voice in your selection process as well as providing a holistic service to make your speakers feel looked after. We offer the complete coordination of speaker requirements as well as the VIP treatment through seamless coordination of all entitlements such as flights and accommodation. Other details like onsite speaker rooms or special onsite assistance can also be provided.

Brand & Marketing Coordination

Working closely with trusted suppliers and vendors, we maintain oversight over your conference brand. We ensure your materials are delivered to the highest quality, on budget and on deadline. We can also work with you for initial brand development to establish an innovative and engaging conference brand.

In collaboration with industry specialists, we can coordinate your event marketing, help identify your key messages and assist you in gaining exposure in the media, your industry and the general public.

Digital & Social Media

In addition to marketing and branding services, we can also take care of your digital and social media needs. In today’s climate, a well maintained website, social media and email marketing campaign are essential for keeping your delegates updated and engaged in your upcoming conference. We coordinate all these efforts for you so you can relax and trust your delegates are informed and excited.

Venue & Supplier Management

To make certain you engage the best possible vendors, venues and general services, we coordinate your quotes, contracts and liaise with people on site. Our experience allows us to negotiate and manage aspects of supply and set-up for your event, including competition pricing and stress-free set-up. This management also extends to event bump in and bump out, as well as any required transport and travel logistics.

Virtual conference planner Agnes Zalan

Why choose us to manage your next conference?

I’m a registered Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) with two decades of conference management experience in Sydney and Regional NSW.

We are well-connected with venues and vendors in Regional NSW for your conference. Our expertise and connections ensure your conference is delivered smoothly and professionally. We can also help you navigate local government requirements, find venues and work with local suppliers.

As a Destination NSW Regional Conferencing Supplier, we can also help you in finding and applying for grants and funding for putting on events outside of the city.

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