Virtual Conferences

Even though the future of your event may seem uncertain, don’t cancel! Let me help you create a successful virtual or hybrid conference.

Virtual Conference Management

As the COVID-19 pandemic stopped events around the globe, the industry had to quickly learn to pivot from the traditional delivery of events. Virtual conferences have risen in popularity as a way to engage and educate people even when they can’t meet together.

Hybrid events, a combination of in-person and online, will definitely be here to stay following the pandemic. While they can’t replace the benefits of gathering together in person, adding a virtual component to your event is the way of the future.

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What is virtual conferencing?

A virtual conference is more than webinars! Much like an in-person event, virtual conferences include; keynote speakers, sponsorships, exhibitions, poster sessions and networking events.

A successful virtual conference will effectively replicate a live conference in an online environment.

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Why run a virtual or hybrid conference?

Cheaper to produce and deliver, virtual events can be planned and executed fairly quickly. As well as being possible in our current COVID-19 environment, they are a good option for audiences unable to commit a big spend or a lot of time to attend an in-person event.

With no catering, venue or accommodation costs, the budget for these events can be smaller for both organisers and delegates.

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Virtual Conferencing Technology

I use event management platform EventsAIR, which includes a secure virtual conferencing platform, OnAIR. The use of this platform is free of charge for all of my clients, making it extremely affordable to run a virtual or hybrid event when working with me.

My extensive network of vendors also includes exceptional audio-visual professionals and access to a professional studio. These assets combined with my experience and technical knowledge help me to effectively and successfully deliver your virtual event.

Virtual conference planner Agnes Zalan

How I make virtual conferencing easy for you

Much like a regular in-person event, I work with you from the ideation of your hybrid or virtual event, through execution and analysis.

Whether online or in person, I apply my expertise in project management, agenda development, speaker engagement and more to ensure your event meets your goals.

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